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Happy Mothers Day – Bayfield Wireless Fire Hill Tower

If you look close, you may notice more equipment at the top of Fire Hill Tower in Bayfield, Wisconsin. On Friday we finished lighting up our new tower equipment to provide high speed Internet on the eastern side of the Town of Bayfield, parts of the Town of Russell, and parts of the Red Cliff Tribal lands. On Saturday our crew installed the first Customer site linked to this tower and measured the link speed at over 800 Mbps at the home. Even though this Customer is subscribed to our Power Plus 75.0 package (75Mbps Download Speed, 15Mbps Upload Speed), our equipment located at their home will enable future speed upgrades with no equipment changes. Local residents say “this is a game changer” for our community.


Internet Speed Test to Star Route Tower

100 Mbps Fixed Wireless Internet Service Test

Bayfield Wireless has started provisioning high speed Internet service to trial customers along Happy Hollow Road and Star Route Road on the Western side of the Town of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Wireless link speeds to the new Star Route Tower have ranged from of 200 to 800 Mbps during testing with equipment installed at customer locations. Customers may subscribe to the service at the speed that meets their needs while knowing they have the ability to upgrade their subscription to fiber optic speed levels as their needs increase.

Bayfield Wireless Begins Testing

Bayfield Wireless Star Route Tower

Bayfield Wireless has completed the initial installation of equipment at the top of the Star Route Tower and has started network validation testing. The complete end-to-end service from equipment installed at a customer location through the new Bayfield Wireless network and to end destinations worldwide on the Internet is included in the testing. Initial testing has resulted in excellent speeds and performance even in less than optimal conditions. Testing will be conducted with select trial customers in the Happy Hollow valley on the western side of the Town of Bayfield over the coming weeks.